Porcelain Tile

Highly durable and well suited for high traffic areas, porcelain tiles are environmentally friendly, easy to clean, stain resistant and resilient to fading. Porcelain tiles are available in a wide variety of colours, finishes and patterns to complement any environment and style.

Although porcelain tile is harder to install than other flooring alternatives, it is an investment that generally increases the value of your home.


Stone remains one of the most beautiful, classy and natural solutions for flooring. Adding value through timeless designs that rarely go out of style, stone has an innate beauty that will last the life of a building and beyond.

Stone tiles are an excellent choice for wet areas where water resistance and anti-slip surfaces are needed. Durable and easily cleaned, stone flooring is also receptive to passive heating and can radiate heat after the sun goes down. Popular stone flooring options include:

Marble: With delicate veins, spiral patterns and eye-catching colours, this stone boasts a remarkable beauty that lends an immediate elegance and distinction to any home or a commercial space. Marble tiles will last virtually forever when properly installed and maintained.

Traditional marble tiles are polished to a reflective finish complementary to entryways, foyers, bathrooms and fireplaces. Tumbled marble tiles are buffed for a more natural looking, lighter finish and come in large sizes that work particularly well in kitchens, dining rooms and larger areas.

Granite: Characterized by versatility, durability, longevity and natural beauty, granite is the hardest and most common stone surface used today.  

Limestone: A soft ocean-formed stone that is very gentle on bare feet, limestone has a uniquely luxurious look and feel that has made it a long-time favourite of architects and designers.

Slate: Simple and striking, slate is a versatile stone capable of looking either elegant or rustic depending on your décor.

Travertine: This elite, durable limestone is formed by mineral deposits from hot springs or limestone caves, and it’s cut from quarries around the world. The stone features classic, neutral colors and unique natural patterns that can give your kitchen, bathroom or other spaces an air of sophistication and elegance.

Of the above solutions, marble and granite are more porous and require periodic sealing and care. However, our customers generally agree that the beauty and value they add to your home is usually worth any effort required to maintain them.

  • Mannington Porcelain Tile

    Certified 100% porcelain tile* is fired at higher temperatures than regular ceramic tile, so it’s more dense, less porous, and shows better wear characteristics.

    • 30% stronger than granite 
    • Resists staining

    Porcelain is also easy to clean, and offers superior wear resistance. 

    Mannington offers three types of Porcelain Tile:

    • Glazed: A glaze is applied that completely covers the tile 
    • Color-Core™: Glaze is applied to the tile but the body is still an integral part of the color and shows through 
    • Tru Color: The color is fired deep into the body and is the same color all the way through the tile

    From an environmental responsibility standpoint:

    • Tile is made of all-natural products 
    • Ultra-low VOCs 
    • Can be cleaned with water alone, no harsh chemicals required 
    • Meets strict indoor air quality standards 
    • Will not emit contaminants due to stationary product construction 
    • Does not readily support the growth of mold, fungus or bacteria


  • Saltillo Tile

    Saltillo Tile;

    We import innovative patterns and materials, offering numerous options for the inner designer in everyone.



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